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Lesson Summary, in this lesson, we learned how the first civilizations, began in the Huang He or Yellow River Valley, were formed, and the establishment and downfall of two Chinese Dynasties.
As the Shang king noticed that his sons were weak, he wanted to give power.The correct word choices for the second blank are sanitary or sanitation.After all, if rule on Earth was in chaos, Heaven would punish the rulers with floods and barbarian invasions.Health Education is our final practice paragraph: Health Education As hubs of knowledge and practice, schools should pair a sound health policy argos money back vouchers with a curriculum of instruction that teaches students about the importance of health, hygiene and nutrition.Having Heaven on your side as a Chinese ruler was known as having the.Wu Ting and Downfall, much like the Xia before, the Shang worked to keep the Mandate of Heaven, and often passed the rule on to the most worthy person.Together, health policy and skills-based education promote a positive environment for the _ health of children.Try it risk-free, no obligation, cancel anytime.
In addition, nutrition also plays an important role medicalert discount code in school health policy; every school has a cafeteria, as well as the responsibility to provide and instruct children on healthy eating.
Prepare for Part A by skimming and scanning the passage.
Schools need to implement _ that support the health, hygiene, and nutrition of the learning community.
Early Chinese Geography, the China of 8,000 years ago was a very different place than it is today.
Part A tests rapid reading skills.
Explain the importance of the Mandate of Heaven, in regard to ruling China.
Much like the Nile, floods replenished the land's soil, and while occasionally unpredictable, these river floods were seen more often than not as an asset by the people.That said we do know that these people once existed in real life as opposed to just legend.Many of the descendants of those lesser kings who had allied with Shang Tang against the Xia were now powerful dukes who worked to maintain their own power.Part B tests close reading and analysis.Prepare for Part B by reading the passage comprehensively.Unlike other regions, where military power was viewed as the only requirement to rule, China wanted to make sure that they were favored by Heaven to rule.Also, the rise and fall of the Shang Dynasty was explained, as was the importance of the Mandate of Heaven.Soon, people began to settle in small villages and towns, much like they did elsewhere in the world, and grew rice and wheat.The keywords discussed in paragraph two are hygiene, sanitation, education, and policy; and the keywords in paragraph three are health hygiene, nutrition, education, psycho-social, and behavioral.

Explanation The first two paragraph headings signal the topic of the passages that follow: 'Four Recommendations for Healthy Schools.' Unlock Content Over 75,000 lessons in all major subjects Get access risk-free for 30 days, just create an account.