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Oral history is one way to preserve memories.
HIS 200 Introduction to Historical Methods.
Students will investigate the post-revolutionary period and the one party authoritarian state that dominated the political and social life of the country for over half specsavers free eye test voucher carlisle a century.Topics include the seeds of change during the 1950's; the triumph and breakdown of postwar liberalism; insurgent political and social movements, including the civil rights movement, feminism, antiwar protest, and the New Left; the counterculture; the sexual revolution; drug culture; technology; music; and the legacy.We will begin by studying how the aggressive modernization campaign of dictator Porfirio Diaz created the deep inequality that eventually led to the Mexican Revolution of 1910.HIS 216 History of Central Asia: From Genghis to Borat.This course how did the falcons win today will address such topics as metropolis and modernity, women and gender, war and trauma, love and family relationships, modern and contemporary media, urban and rural contrasts, as well as perceptions of time, identity, and globalization.
A multi-cultural and cross-gender perspective will provide focus.
This course traces the development of western society from the 16th century to present, focusing specifically on how scientific and technological developments have shaped modern western society and culture.
The course proceeds chronologically from the scientific revolution of the 16th century to the present atomic age.
An emphasis on scientific and technological advancement, care of the ill, treatment of disease, and training of health care practitioners.
A survey of religions of the East and the region of the Mediterranean, with discussion of their impact on the lives of individuals, and on cultures and other societies through the interrelationship of value systems.
Credits: 3 (3,0) HIS 323 Contemporary America Depicts America's responses to the Cold War, violence, and military aggression, the emergence of Third World countries, the economic and political impact of rising expectations, the problems of the city and the suburbs, and the quest for social justice.Because the 1960s contained so many seemingly disparate topics and issues, the class will emphasize the connections between and across a broad variety of subjects and disciplines.Set up a Jazz Build Engine to run an Ant script: Part.We will compare and contrast the various "waves" of terror which have gripped the globe since the late 1800s and analyze the similarities and differences between groups such as the IRA, the Ku Klux Klan, and al Qaeda.Television helps to bind us together through shared cultural distortions of our social experiences and relations and yet divides us over its short- and- long-term effects, both national and global.Credits: send gifts to singapore from usa 3 (3,0) HIS 342 The History of Television Despite the recent emergence of new communication technologies, television arguably remains the most powerful and important form of communication today-a medium that influences and shapes our views of ourselves and our outlooks on the world.What happens to preconceived notions of gender relations and gender identities when the developed world and developing world come into contact?Special attention will be paid to gender, class, race, and ethnicity, and their influence in the sociopolitical developments of Latin America.HIS 281 Modern Latin America, this course covers the history of Latin America from the early 1800s until the early 2000s, beginning with the immediate causes and antecedents of the Independence Wars.