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Short title These By-laws are called the Public Road and Miscellaneous By-laws, 2003.
Handmade, handcrafted in the USA.1.1.7 On completion of the work and temporary or permanent reinstatement, as applicable, a completion notice must be sent to the road authority by the wayleave holder.(4) The storekeeper must store any trolley which has been placed under his or her care in terms of subsection (3 at the municipal store and the Council must publish once a month in respect of eleven months of a year calculated from the first.8.2 The wayleave holder must take all necessary measures and provide all necessary facilities to ensure an adequately haymar nay win songs safe and easy passage for traffic and pedestrians through areas in which work is in progress, or is uncompleted.After the 14 days period the maintenance will be taken over by the road authority.13.6.2 Any constructed footway must be reinstated with the same surfacing materials that existed originally (e.g.All costs will be based on average TDC's that have been calculated for each road category.13.3.3 One of the following methods must therefore be used to ensure adequate shear strengths in trench backfill.The wayleave holder is responsible for obtaining the required strengths, but the following is recommended as a method that should be adequate in most cases.The top 100 mm of a trench must be backfilled by the wayleave holder, compacted and maintained in a serviceable condition for a period of 14 days commencing on the day after the date of issue of the certificate of completion.(2) No person may erect a tent or place chairs or any article on a public road for the purpose of a funeral, party or any other event without the prior written permission of the Council.
All cast in-situ concrete must be Class 25/19.
Any underground service must not have less than 800 mm cover and all manhole or valve covers must be finished flush with the surface of the road or the verge.
Backfilling and reinstatement must therefore be done in such a way as to ensure that the reinstated trench and its immediate surroundings do not fail structurally, thus resulting in road user discomfort and increased costs.
Burst pipes, a wayleave application form must be submitted within 24 hours and the road authority maintenance depot must be informed.
Damage to trees, no person may climb upon, or break or damage or in any way mark or paint on any tree on any public road within the municipal area of the Council, and no person may, without the prior written permission of the Council.Trenchless methods.1 If a trenchless method is used, disruption of traffic flow and pedestrian movement can be reduced considerably or totally eliminated.(12) The provisions of this section relating to parking and payment of a prescribed fee do not apply in respect of: (a) a fire-fighting or fire-fighting response vehicle; (b) an ambulance, emergency medical response vehicle or rescue vehicle; (c) a vehicle driven by a member.The owner must then supply the wayleave holder with the materials that are to be used for the reinstatement.Nt box when checkout.(2) If a person causing an obstruction cannot be found, or fails or neglects to remove, or to cease causing, such obstruction, an authorised official may take such steps as may be necessary to remove the obstruction, or to prevent its continuance and the Council.Act 89 of 1996 as set out hereunder.Trenchless methods can be used for all road categories, but must be used for all roads classified as protected in terms of section.(7) No person may - (a) deface, soil, obliterate or otherwise render less visible or interfere with any mark painted on a parking area, contemplated in the definition of "parking bay (b) remove, damage or deface any notice displayed in terms of subsection (2 (c).Compacted in thin (75 to 100 mm layers with a vibratory compactor at optimum moisture content (OMC to the required densities (base: 98, subbase: 95, selected subgrade: 93 and subgrade: 90 Mod aashto to within 100 mm of the existing road surface.Do you want the character to be Blackened or Plain?Loitering and touting at places of public entertainment (1) No person may loiter or, except when forming part of a queue, congregate on any public road within 20 metres of the entrance to any place of public entertainment so as to obstruct traffic or persons.

Public decency (1) No person may appear unclothed or indecently clothed on any public road.