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Difficult, to say the least.
Popular Warp Records techno group, Autechre, began their career composing clever but still mainstream sounding techno tracks with easy to follow rhythms.
For example, the page for Captain Falcon uses excessive Intentional Engrish for Funny and Bold Inflation due to his Gratuitous English and Large Ham tendencies pavers shoes discount code in the Super Smash Bros.Rarity is only defined by her love of fashion, is portrayed as constantly forcing makeovers on those who don't want them and whining quite a bit.Don Quixote : In the first part of the novel, Sancho Panza gives a Hurricane of Aphorisms only once.Forgot Flanders Could Do That, when a story brings back pre-Flanderized aspects of the character as a reminder that these traits are still there, even if you don't see them much any more.By the end, she is completely consumed by the Warrior Code, freaking out if someone even mentions breaking.Professional Wrestling "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, anyone?
In 8-Bit Theater, this happens to at least four characters.
Professor Lawrence Pierce, The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular, the act of taking a single (often minor) action or trait of a character within a work and exaggerating it more and more over time until it completely consumes the character.
Apart from that Lennon also made some very avant-garde tracks under influence of Yoko Ono that most people will never play more than once.
Now it seems like all of her singles have devolved into songs about sex with the occasional love song in them.
At first she was an easy-to-rile goth stereotype who was not the brightest bulb.
Compare this to this.
This version of Freddy has been likened to an evil Bugs Bunny.Silent Bob's characterisation actually went back and forth between films.The same thing happened to Guns N' Roses.Over time, she developed more and more quirks and phobias to the point of being essentially a female Adrian Monk (she even had a "sex" dream about him, where they cleaned together in the nude).A lot of people probably don't realize that the original "Caturday" pictures (now known as lolcats ) were captioned in proper English.Somewhere along the line, it was realized he was the most prominent Lawful Neutral-leaning deity in the setting, and he ended up losing his kinder traits while absorbing a lot from Helm and Pholtus, to the point that "worshipper.Margo Pike's motion sickness.Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Greg's Straw Loser status has become a lot more noticeable as time went on, to the point where the plotlines of the book starts off good, but only goes worse and worse for Greg.

In this fic, Mai's a snarky jerk whose relationship with Zuko is dysfunctional at best.
Tony Romo became a Straw Loser with every loss, culminating in hosting a Super Bowl party where nobody came.
In Neal Shusterman's The Skinjacker Trilogy, Shusterman unveils a world between life and death, where your appearance is based entirely on your memory of yourself.